Dear sisters and brothers in Christ at King of Glory,

The seven ELCIC churches in Saskatoon have decided to share on-line website and facebook services every other week. This Sunday, March 29, The Fifth Sunday in Lent, Pastor Trent Feldstrom of Redeemer Lutheran Church is leading us in worship. While we cannot worship together at this time, we are still a community of faith, for the Holy Spirit binds us together as one. Ironically, we show our oneness as we physically distance ourselves from one another, for in this action we are united in our care and concern for one another and for all our neighbours and community. A second sign of our oneness is our prayers for each other, for health care workers, and for all people as they are affected by this pandemic. Finally, I would encourage you to be in communication with one another. Social distancing is somewhat of a misnomer. We are to keep physical distance from one another, but we have the gifts of phones and technologies of all types of social media to stay in touch with one another. We can share our anxieties, our concerns, our support and encouragement, our laughter, and our prayers. I hope to be in contact with two or three of our members every day.
Let us pray: Since you, O God, are with us, nothing that has happened, nothing still to come, can rob us of our hope in Christ. Sustain us during this time of uncertainty. Bless all the emergency, medical, and health care workers who are caring for the sick and working to contain this outbreak. Grant swift recovery to those who are affected and comfort and assurance to their families and loved ones. Encourage those who are anxious or afraid. Bind us now, more than ever, to you and to one another so that we might be sustained by the power of Christ’s love. We pray in the name of the one who loved us and gave himself for us, Jesus Christ our Healer and Lord. Amen.

The peace of Christ be with you always.

Pastor Michael

A note from Pastor Trent: On the greeting I welcomed the Augustana community specifically, but not the rest of you. Please do not take offense 😊 At the time of recording I thought it was only Augustana joining in with us. Please consider yourselves amongst the ‘family and friends’ welcomed. How good it is to be a family of God!



  1. Thank you so much for doing this. It takes extra work and organization for you, but is much appreciated. Communication with our seven churches, in these crazy times, reminds us that we are not alone but part of a community of faith that cares and supports one another. And we are comforted to know that our Christ is with us always and cares for us in all situations. Hang in there, wash your hands and stay home!

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