On Ministering to the Poor

“The premise of most urban church work, it seems, is that in order for the Church to minister among the poor, the church has to be rich, that is, to have specially trained personnel, huge funds and many facilities, rummage to distribute, and a whole battery of social services. Just the opposite is the case. The Church must be free to be poor in order to minister among the poor. The Church must trust the Gospel enough to come among the poor with nothing to offer the poor except the Gospel, except the power to apprehend and the courage to reveal the Word of God as it is already mediated in the life of the poor. When the Church has the freedom itself to be poor among the poor, it will know how to use what riches it has. When the Church has that freedom, it will be a missionary people again in all the world.”
William Stringfellow

Existence and Worship

“A king’s existence is demonstrated by way of subjection and submissiveness.  Do you want to try and demonstrate that the king exists?  Will you do so by offering a string of proofs, a series of arguments?  No.  If you are serious, you will demonstrate the king’s existence by your submission, by the way you live.  And so it is with demonstrating God’s existence.  It is accomplished not by proofs but by worship.”

Soren Kierkegaard

From A Martin Luther Sermon On Epiphany

“Let it suffice for the present that this star [the Gospel] is the visible sermon and the bright revelation of Christ as he is concealed and foreshadowed in the promises of the Scriptures. Therefore, whoever sees the star certainly recognizes the king of the Jews, the newly-born Christ. For the Gospel teaches nothing else but Christ and therefore the Scripture contains nothing else than Christ. But he who does not recognize Christ may hear the Gospel, or indeed carry the book in his hands, but he has not yet its real meaning. To have the Gospel without its meaning is to have no Gospel; and to have the Scripture without recognizing Christ means to have no Scripture and is nothing else than to let this star shine and yet not see it.”