Quote of the Day

“Wherever the law rules, works are demanded of which only the strong are capable: hybris and despair in transgression and self-righteousness are here unavoidable and the God who gives and calls for the verification of his gift is transformed into an idol who is only capable of acting as the referee of man’s struggle with himself and the world.”

Ernst Käsemann, “Perspectives on Paul,” p. 150.

Quote of the Day

“Luther thought of the man outside grace as the ‘homo in se incurvatus’, the man inescapably imprisoned and entangled in himself. He believed, on the strength of the gospel, that to see oneself so was the work of the Holy Spirit….For the Holy Spirit convinces, not from illusions, but from realities we will not admit. He does so, too, when he lays bare to us our real sin, which is that we acquiesce in our own self-centredness, although we suffer under and complain of its consequences.”

Ernst Kasemann

An Excerpt From a Sermon by Michael Poellet:

An Excerpt From a Sermon by Michael Poellet:

“…according to Jesus, Scripture attests to what God does. It witnesses to the transformative power of God which is nothing less than resurrection, the way of going from death to life in all sorts of different ways. For example, in Genesis 1:1 what else is creation but resurrection? The earth is a formless void, it is chaos, but through the transforming power of God life is created. Or Noah: everyone is an endangered species. God instigates an endangered species act – build an ark, save all the animals, including that most dubious animal, the human being. Abraham and Sarah: Sarah is barren but God gives to them a son, the beginning of a great nation. And Exodus, the delivery of the Israelites from Egypt, the rise of King David, the return from Exile, these are all examples of God’s transforming power at work and Scripture is filled with hundreds of stories that attest to this power, this power that is resurrection at work in this world and at work in our lives.”
(November 10, 2013)