AIDS WALK: Saturday, September 23rd

Just a reminder that King of Glory will again register as a team for the Scotiabank Aids Walk for Life on September 23rd.  We (and friends, family) can all be team members.  Please sign on as a team member and /or pledge/donate online at “Scotiabank AIDS Walk Saskatoon 2018.  Our team is “King of Glory Lutheran Church” and team leader is “Michael Poellet”.  All money raised will go directly to support people who are infected by, affected by, and at risk of HIV, HVC and other blood borne pathogens.  Registration starts at 12:00 at the Roxy Theatre on 320 20th Street West.  The walk will be from about 1:00-2:00pm with speeches, prize drawings and refreshments afterwards.


“…love dwells nowhere but in the heart, indeed, in the innermost center of the heart, and for this reason there is that difference between [His children] and bond servants, because [His children] serve Him, not in fear of punishment or desire or glory, but only to fulfill the will of God; but the bond servants are forced by fear of punishment, and they serve Him unwillingly and with great difficulty, or they are desirous of a reward, in which case they serve him with a mercenary intent, but never absolutely out of a desire to fulfill His will.  Particularly in time of tribulation does the servant and hireling run away, but [His child] perseveres….”

Lectures on Roman