IMG_0804Thank you to all involved in the quilts that have been made by members of King of Glory and their friends.  132 quilts will go to Canadian Lutheran World Relief for various aid programs around the world.  Prodigious thimbles full of thanks to the industrious sewers Bev Gregory, Karen McKenzie, Sharon Morgan, Doreen Matschke, Ursula Coakwell .(Missing, Marge McMillan and Sherry Andrews)

Kierkegaard on the Desire for Honour

“Whoever, therefore, wills this [unanimous adulation] or fears this contempt…is not merely double-minded but thousand-minded, and at variance with himself. So is his life when he must grovel—in order to attain honor; when he must flatter his enemies—in order to attain honor; when he must woo the favor of those he despises—in order to attain honor; when he must betray the one whom he respects—in order to attain honor. For to attain honor means to despise oneself after one has attained the pinnacle of honor—and yet to tremble before any change.”

Excerpt From: Soren Kierkegaard. “Purity of Heart.”


“…consider whether both our secular and spiritual leaders are not haughty, seekers of pleasure, adulterers, and, worse than that, thieves, disobedient to God and men, and originators of unjust wars, that is, mass murderers.”

Lectures on Romans, p.171