How to Sing a Psalm

Last night at Bible study we had an interesting discussion on how the psalms might have been sung according to their musical instructions.  Here is a video of Psalm 53 sung in Aramaic:

Church Activities This Week At KOG

Tuesday, October 17th:  Worship committee meets at the home of Carole Sarich, 7:30pm.

Thursday, Oct. 19th:  Quilt-making for Lutheran World Relief and projects from 10:00am to 3pm at the home of Bev Gregory.  Happens every Thursday.

Thursday, Oct, 19th:  Bible Study, “A Life of Prayer and Praise:  Studying the Psalms,” at Pastor Michael’s home, 7:30pm.




On October 1st, King of Glory Lutheran Church held a commemoration of St. Francis.  After behaving so well all through the service, there was a little animal chaos at the end.  From left to right, Big Shell-Bud the dog, Jody, Hannah, Friendly the chicken, Petros, Zoey the dog, and Karen, plus a few stuffed toy animals for good measure.