Christmas Services at KOG

There will be NO evening services held Christmas Eve (Dec 24th) or New Years Eve (Dec 31st) at KOG this year. Instead, there will be joint services held with Trinity United. On Christmas Eve (Dec 24), there is a joint evening service beginning at 7:30 PM. On New Years Eve (Dec 31st), there is a joint morning service beginning at 10:30 AM. All are welcome. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

Martin Luther on Romans 8

“Nowhere else in the Holy Scriptures do we find anything like Paul’s declaration here concerning the earnest expectation and waiting of the creatures for the revelation of the children of God; which waiting the apostle characterizes as a sighing in eager desire for man’s redemption. A little later he compares the state of the creature to a woman in travail, saying it cries out in its anguish. The sun, moon and stars, the heavens and earth, the bread we eat, the water or wine we drink, the cattle and sheep, in short, all things that minister to our comfort, cry out in accusation against the world because they are subjected to vanity and must suffer with Christ and his brethren. This accusing cry is beyond human power to express, for God’s created things are innumerable. Rightly was it said from the pulpit in former times that on the last day all creatures will utter an accusing cry against the ungodly who have shown them abuse here on earth, and will call them tyrants to whom they were unjustly subjected.”