A reminder that we meet together this Sunday, October 4 at 6:30 for
worship and celebrating communion.  The same protocol is in place:
physical distancing, wear masks, no singing, sanitizing etc.  [I’m sure
you know the drill.]  It will be a busy Sunday for we will have the
installation of Church Council members and officers, blessing of the
quilts and an abbreviated Blessing of the Animals (commemorating St.
Francis of Assissi) but with no animals because of Covid restrictions. 
What we are asking instead is that you take a picture(s) with your cell
phone of your pets or any animal or anything that reminds you of the
beauty and gift of creation and send it to Wayne Turner
[turnerwr@gmail.com] and he will post them on the KOG facebook site.

Christ’s peace be with you,

Pastor Michael

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